Guest reviews

Denis and Nelya

 Stayed for 2 days - administrator very quickly confirmed reservation. By the way, at a personal meeting was very friendly and nice, replied to all the questions, all told and showed, because we were in St. Petersburg the first time, said where better to go and what to see. When returning late at night in the hostel is on the phone helped to find and call a cheap decent taxi. Rented a room with a double bed - very comfortable, quiet and calm, good sleep, and in the evening, when they came after a day of walking and excursions - we sat in the sauna, it is very relaxes and relieves fatigue... Friends, which are planning a trip in the St. Petersburg - we recommend your hostel and they themselves will definitely return! Thank you!!



Lived in a hostel with the company 4 the person 11 days, but no inconvenience in connection with the duration of the stay is not experienced. On the second day already felt that come back home, when in the evening went to the hostel. Inside it is very cozy and repair cool! Upon agreement you can take clothes in a dry-cleaner or a laundry, and the next day they are already clean. In the hostel there is an iron and ironing board. If you need some information on the city - such as how and where better to get in St. Petersburg, or in any place worth going, and where not, the administrator all of us told and has always been very nice. It is felt that the hostel you are happy, and have not forgotten about you immediately once settled in hostel.


Stayed in the hostel with a wife and two small children (7 and 4 years old). Settled in a separate room with a double bed, and for the children took a two-tiered, which is near and separately from all. First of all looking for a cosy and convenient location place and were not mistaken with a choice. In fact, lived as a full-fledged hotel room, in addition, that the toilet there is shared, but in comparison with hotels price is not so hits the pocket, at the same time as the on trips, especially with the kids every penny counts. In the autumn will come back to St. Petersburg transportation for 2 days and the question of where to stay is not worth it. Look for something else not even want to.


I'm not the first time I stop in the hostels, including Saint-Petersburg, but the hostel "Four rooms" as the best one of those where I had been. If to say briefly, the hostel is very quiet, comfortable and friendly. There really relax and you can sleep well. There are no noisy companies, etc. With the rules of the hostel all strictly from 23 to 8 silence mode. The presence of other residents was quite annoying, but on the contrary, allows you to chat with new people and make new acquaintances or just to share with each other their experience of travel. The location of the hostel is very convenient and does not need to be afraid not to be in time up to the closing of the subway, because from the center of St. Petersburg to the hostel can be reached on foot, especially during the «white nights»)) and taxi maximum of 150 roubles.