Hostel "Four rooms" is located in the historical district of St. Petersburg, which is called "the Sands". The name of the district received from the sandy ridge, stretching along Ligovsky prospekt and the Suvorovskiy prospekt, the Neva river, and next to the Okhta. Ridge this was the deposition of the former on the place of the sea. District Sands was the highest in St. Petersburg the place, and never flooded.
In XII-XIII centuries on the territory of the Sands there was a road between the Great Novgorod and the village of Spasskoe, located on the site of the Smolny.
To the middle of XVIII century there has arisen a settlement with the Church of the Nativity of the virgin in the center. After the Church, the entire area has received the name of the Nativity.
In the XVIII century on the Sands were handicraft settlement carpenters, joiners, discharged into the city from the monastic estates of Novgorod, Borovichy and the Staraya Russa for the construction of Alexander Nevsky monastery. From here took its name, Novgorodskaya and Starorusskaya street, on which the hostel «Four rooms» is located.
Within 10 minute walking distance are such sights of Saint-Petersburg as the Holy Trinity of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (male Orthodox monastery, built by the order of